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Traci and Gary Stroupe

My husband and I have been together since high school and are now looking forward to the next exciting “empty nest” phase of our lives. It gets more and more difficult to surprise my husband on his birthday, our anniversary, Christmas, and any other gift related occasion with each passing year. Especially now, that we have the means for him to purchase what he wants when he wants it (within reason). Plus I’ve always cherished shared experiences over material gifts. Memories last, while “things” are much more fleeting. We have always done things as a couple. But as we age, I find I am less inclined to “rough it.” When an opportunity presented to give my husband something he would never expect, a trip to Riverside Lodge on Hooper’s Island, Maryland, I couldn’t pass it up. The get-away was tailor made. He could hunt, I could relax in comfort, and we could enjoy each others company.

Riverside Lodge exceeded our expectations! My husband was thrilled by the duck hunts expertly guided by Johnny and Joey and thoroughly enjoyed the comradery of fellow hunters. Never had he seen the number of ducks that filled the air around the lodge. Thousands, literally thousands of ducks! There was rarely a time when you couldn’t see one species or another in the air or on the water. I was afforded the luxury of sleeping in, given time to read, time to paint my nails, play with my hair and makeup, things I feel guilty doing at home because there are so many other demands. We also got to catch up with old friends while making new ones. Peggy and Gary McQuitty were the most gracious of hosts. Do not miss the opportunity to get to know them and hear the history of Riverside Lodge first hand. It is truly fascinating. It is difficult to put the elegance of the main room and dining room into words. Formal and comfortable are words that rarely go together, yet they are the only ones I can think of to describe this warm and inviting place. We shared hours of conversation in the glow of the oversized fireplace. All the while being served the most delectable meals the Chesapeake Bay area has to offer with the most genuine service provided by Joanne, Dot and Judy. I have never experienced service provided with such gracious warmth, rare qualities in current times. We are “foodies” who enjoy seeking out food destinations. The Riverside Lodge was an unexpected food destination as well as a leisurely stroll through a time long ago.

A memorable treat! Two thumbs up! Five Stars!

– Traci and Gary Stroupe